Best Places to Buy Comic Books

If you love comic books and would want to build a collection of the best and finest comics available, then you should know where to shop online. It is also recommended that you look for physical stores that will offer you deals and packages of limited edition comic books and albums that you can scratch off your list.

If you are one of our website visitors who have no idea where to buy comic books, you are in luck today! Here is a list of comic book stores that you can visit:

Dc Comics Marvel Novels Superhero

Online Shops Like Lazada and Zalora

These are online stores that sell everything from books to toiletries. They also regularly provide promo codes, especially for first-time buyers (check out the promo codes and coupons to save more). You can browse on their pages and see if you can find the comic books that you are searching for.

Midtown Comics

This site sells a lot of materials that include comics, back issues, graphic novels, books, magazines, statues, shirts, apparel, and other collectibles. It has one of the most complete supplies of comics that you can find online. It also hosts author signing of comic books for the fans and followers.

Visit their website to find out more about their special discounts on their products


Another comic book store that you can check out for all your comic book needs is Newkadia. They say that they allow shipping worldwide using the aliexpress coupon code free shipping upon check out. You can filter the comics that you are looking for by the first letter of the title. Their best sellers include the Amazing Spider-man, Fantastic Four, Batman, X-Men, Avengers, and Daredevil comics.

If you are not yet sure of their services and the quality of their products, you can read the unedited reviews of their website from 85,000 customers of review site.

They also provide customers with other services. People can sell their comics through the site. You can also be an affiliate site of Newkadia. You can also win a gift card once you placed an order from them.

Things From Another World

You can find gems here on Things From Another World. The site sells Marvel comics, DC comics, kids comics, back issues, new releases, and even pre-orders. Toys, statues, and other collectibles are also available here.

6 Comments to “Best Places to Buy Comic Books”

  1. Hawa van Roon

    Great article. I was also looking for credible websites that sell comic books. I live all the way from Asia and I am searching for great discounts and deals for comic books. It is all just a matter of time before I get my hands on the Batman comics that have been too elusive from me for years.

  2. Godfried Hovens

    I bought a lot of comic books from Midtown comics. This is a legit website. You can trust them to bring you good service and deliver your orders on time. They also take utmost care of your comic so that you can receive them at their top condition. Enjoy shopping!

  3. Dajana Zuidersma

    Thanks a lot for the info! I was only searching comic book stores through Google. Now that I have these websites on my bookmarks, I can finally shop and buy all the comic books that I want. I just hope that I have the money to purchase all of them.

  4. Irene

    I find my best comics books from garage and yard sales. Funny thing is, people usually just throw precious comic books because they just do not know the value it has. 🙂

  5. Luigi

    I get my hard to find collection on yard sale and garage sales. They usually do not know that they have such great collections!

  6. Louis Author

    Seems like online shops are the best place to buy comics if you can’t find them on any nearest stores. They’re hard to come by nowadays even on garage sales. Nice post.


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