Comic Strip Characters That are Turned into Live Animation

Some comic characters come and go. Others are so lovable and funny that they literally come alive right before our eyes. Because of the thousands or millions of fans and followers of these cartoon characters, producers approach the artists who created them in order to make television shows and movies out of their drawings.

Here are some of these adorable characters that we have grown to love and have watched through the years:

Ted Cassidy Television Actor Jackie Coogan Retro

The Addams Family

Do you know that The Addams Family started as a cartoon that was published in a popular American magazine known as The New Yorker? This charming family represented everything that the normal American family from the 20th century was not. They did not care about what others think of them. As long as they are happy, they will continue doing the things that they do.

This family has spawned live television shows, animated cartoons, and even movies. Watch these shows on cable while you are on your Amsterdam holiday as you lounge on the bed in one of those extremely cheap Amsterdam hotels in rondvaart door haven van Amsterdam.

Dennis the Menace

You can either love him or hate him. But one thing is for sure. Everyone would want to know what Dennis is up to. This five and a half-year-old boy does just what a five and a half-year-old boy normally does. He asks questions and does his best to be a good boy. But he just can’t help to be in the middle of trouble.

One of the movies that had been part of my VHS collection was Dennis the Menace with Walter Matthau as George Wilson, Dennis’ neighbor and husband of Martha Wilson. Now, you can get copies of this movie at a fraction of its original price by using my girl dress promotional coupon codes when you shop online.


The ensemble cast of Charlie Brown, Shermy, Lucy, Peppermint Patty, Snoopy, Woodstock, and Schroeder had been part of our glorious years as a youth. We were there with them during the holidays on the Amsterdam city tour and keukenhof gardens, in the snow, in the ballgame, and when are just in their homes as Charlie feeds his dog Snoopy.

5 Comments to “Comic Strip Characters That are Turned into Live Animation”

  1. Shauna Arts

    Of all the three, I really like The Addams Family. But I never thought that it came from a comic strip. I only knew this family in the cartoons and in the movies. I think the brightest of them all is Thing. But he cannot speak or do anything else than shake your hands.

  2. Aaron van Maris

    I love Charlie Brown. I even dressed like him last Halloween. But as far as collections go, I have one of the most complete sets of Snoopy Stuffed Toys in the world. Well, that’s what I’d like to think! But seriously, Peanuts is the most beloved comic strip of my childhood.

  3. Wissam Loogman

    Dennis is one of the most misunderstood kids that I know. He does not mean to be a problem for anyone. He just asks the wrong questions or does inappropriate things that make him seem like a menace. But he is a child that I want to be neighbors with. He is sweet!


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