Learning How to Start a Career in Comic Strips

If you are at a crossroads right now and are wondering whether to pursue comic strips as a career or just to continue doing your present job, well we have got news for you. It takes a lot of guts to choose comics as a source of living. But if it is really your passion, then earning from it will be truly rewarding.

How do you become a cartoonist or a comic artist?

First, you have to define these two terms. A cartoonist is one who uses one panel to create a funny or humorous idea. A comic artist utilizes two or more panels in order to create a story and bring the readers into the world that they created. But nowadays, the two terms can be interchangeably used to refer to someone who does both.

Learn how to draw

Most people who want to pursue a career in cartooning or comic strips already know that they can draw. They have the skills to convey whatever is on their minds to their drawings. But if you are not yet equipped with the hand to draw, you can still learn how to do it.

You can watch videos about drawing cartoons for beginners. You also have the option of buying tutorial books which teach you the proper techniques to be used when creating a character. Shop online and use vouchers like the agoda booking discount code if you want discounts on these products.

Practice drawing cartoons

Another skill to be learned and honed is creating stories in your cartoons. The stories always have to be fresh. If you are aiming for a funny cartoon, then the stories you formulate should also be funny. A drawing will only go a long way if they have good content.

How can you train yourself for it? Just practice writing stories for your cartoons. Better yet, draw your characters and write the dialogue on your drawing. Show them to your family and friends. See if you can make them laugh or think or do both.

Try to sell them

You should send your cartoons to a publication and see if they will buy your cartoons. This is the surefire way to tell whether you will have a career in drawing cartoons or comics.  Read tips and reviews on how to do this through internet snelheid testen ziggo. Pursue your passion and live your dream.

5 Comments to “Learning How to Start a Career in Comic Strips”

  1. Aryan Koerts

    Before you dive into another profession, you should dip your foot first. Try it one step at a time. Draw your cartoons and submit them to your local newspaper or magazine publication. If it picks up, then create new content and see if they get picked up again. Then, assess if you can make a living out of cartooning.

  2. Shelley Perdon

    Working as a cartoonist or a comic artist is just like any other craft. It will be difficult to transition from a hobbyist to a full-time worker. You will be drained and you will be burned out because of deadlines and bosses. But if you can do a perfect conversion, then congratulations.

  3. Simeon van Dolder

    I really believe that there should be a passion first before skills. I have seen a great number of people who did not know how to draw when they first started. But because they continuously practiced and learned from other artists, their drawings got better and better. Now, these people are working as cartoonists and animators.

  4. Jim

    A few people have realized a great career out of comic strips. It’s not for all, but a few talented and creative ones. LOL

  5. Randy

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