Lessons about Marriage That We Can Learn from Blondie

We all love Blondie and her husband Dagwood. This comic strip has been a part of my childhood. As I look back at the stories and the misadventures of the couple, these are the things I learned from them that I can now apply in my married life:

Fighting for your love

Dagwood really loved Blondie. Dagwood was set to become the next in line to the Bumstead Locomotive leadership, but his family did not want him to marry Blondie because they see her as somewhat below their class. But Dagwood did not want to leave Blondie. And they got married. They may not be able to go Amsterdam top sightseeing (bring along the Amsterdam city sightseeing map with you so you won't get lost!) or shop online, but I am sure that they are happy with each other.

Be ready to compromise

Both Dagwood and Blondie had work. Dagwood decided to work for J.C. Dithers & Company as a manager at a filefactory premium. Blondie, on the other hand, runs a catering business. Living in a middle-class life means needing to compromise with regard to time at work and at home. Sometimes, you also have to give more effort and time to help the other person. In the case of Blondie, she sometimes asks Dagwood for help. And Dagwood complies.

Have time for your family

No matter how much you want to make money, parents should have time for their children. Dagwood and Blondie have two kids, Alexander and Cookie. And they grew up to be good children. Alexander imitates the look that his father has while Cookie gets her style from Blondie. Whether it is intentional or not, I know that both of them have been great examples as parents to their children that they want to be like their parents.

Submit to authority

Dagwood had such an annoying and very irritable boss. He constantly whines about everything that is happening in the workplace. And most of the time, he puts the blame on Dagwood. But Dagwood still respects authority. He follows the instructions of his boss and does his best to finish his work. He may be forgetful or lazy in nature but I know that he has the best intentions in helping his boss.

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  1. Brand Ameziane

    I can still remember when I was young. I used to admire how Blondie looks. So I asked my mother if she could buy the same outfit that Blondie had. I had the curls and everything. Blondie was such a great influence in my childhood that I also established my own catering business today.

  2. Fabienne Henzen

    I found the comic strip hilarious. I like the storylines wherein Blondie asks Dagwood to fix something. And then he ends up postponing it or just sleeping it off on the couch. Dagwood is such a funny character. It has been carefully crafted that it has lasted for a number of decades.

  3. Joaquin Hall

    At first, I thought the article was a joke about the comic strip. But as I read more about it, it donned on me that Blondie and Dagwood make a really good couple. Whatever circumstance they are in, they are still able to survive and even thrive in some situations.

  4. Brooke

    Do you have any type of ideas for composing write-ups? That’s where I constantly struggle and also I simply finish up looking empty screen for long period of time.


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