The Most Important People to Peter Parker

Spider-man is one of the most iconic characters that I always looked out for in the daily newspaper when I was a kid. The way he evolved from the amazing mind of Stan Lee into a live action character is just mind-boggling. Who would have thought that we will have the technology to create a web-swinging protagonist and present him on the big screen?

One thing that I appreciate with Spider-man is just how human Peter Parker is. And just like any superhero around, he has important people in his life that he longs to protect:

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Ben Parker

He is one of the most influential people of his life. He raised Peter along with his wife May. Unfortunately, he died while trying to protect some other person. Peter had always thought that it was his fault that Ben Parker died. If Peter wanted to earn and save money, he could have just opted to get promo codes and coupon codes on products or voucher code bestseller shop and get more savings.

It is through his words that paved the way for the life of Peter Parker and Spider-man. All of us remember this statement, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

May Parker

More loving known as Aunt May, she is the one who took good care of Peter after Ben Parker died. Some versions of Spider-man has Aunt May in her 60s while the recent one had her in her 40s to early 50s. Peter loves her so much that he often gets beaten when Aunt May’s life is on the line.

Mary Jane Watson

She is the love interest of Peter Parker. When the Amazing Spider-man started, it was supposed to be Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker who would end up together according to Stan Lee. But no matter how interesting they made Gwen’s qualities to be, MJ still had more personality and excitement than her. Eventually, Gwen Stacy died and Peter focused his attention on her.

MJ and Peter got married and still dealt with issues regarding the balance between family life and the secret life of a superhero. I could imagine giving both of them an hop on hop off bus Amsterdam holiday just to get their minds off personal and world-saving issues.

4 Comments to “The Most Important People to Peter Parker”

  1. John Fields

    Many people can relate to Peter Parker because he is not portrayed as some perfect person with no problems in his life aside from what technique to use to save the world. He has problems with relationships. He had financial concerns. And he also reached a point where he wanted to give up.

  2. Walter Nickels

    I often get lost with my Marvel universe. Because of the number of existing Spider-man versions with alternate universes, sometimes, I forget what happened to whom, when it happened, and who is still alive in that version. I need to reread all my comic books to get my Spider-man information right.

  3. Bonnie Elliot

    The problem with superheroes is that someone needs to die for it to change his mind. The words of Ben Parker defined the future life of Peter Parker. We may all not have perfect uncles or parents. But they know how to say the right words at the right time.


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